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Unified Communications Software

AVST is a Trusted Developer of Enterprise-Class Communications Software

Expanded Scalability

60,000 Users · 800 Ports · 5 Million Messages Stored

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Support up to 100 Tenants on the Same System

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Message Storage Encryption

Microsoft Windows Encrypting File System (EFS) for Encrypting Messages at Rest

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Microsoft Exchange/
Office 365 UM Forms

Display Messages with the Standard
Microsoft Exchange/Office 365 UM Forms

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Call Recording - TeamQ®

Record All Calls or Record Specific Agents Calls

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MWI for Google Gmail

Lights the Message Waiting Lamp for New Voice Messages

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Virtualization –
Microsoft Hyper-V 2016

Certified with Microsoft Hyper-V 2016

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Text Notification - NotifyXpress®

Notification Campaigns Consisting of Calls, Text Messages, or a Mix of Both

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One Solution. Two Deployment Models.

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Choose your delivery model - premise or cloud.