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CX-H Servers

Whether you're a small business poised to grow or a large enterprise with a global presence, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your telephony needs among AVST's portfolio of high performance, highly reliable CX-H servers.

FeatureDell R230 OEMDell T5810 OEMDell R7910 HE OEM
Voice Ports404072
Fax Channels488
Chassis1U RackMid-Tower2U Rack
PCI SlotsNone(1) uPCINone
PCI Express Slots(1) HLFH x 164 total
(1) x4, (1) x8 half length, (2) x16
4 useable (1) x16, (3) x8
Processor(1) Intel Celeron G3900 2.80GHz(1) Intel Xeon E5-1603 v3 2.8GHz Quad Core(2) Intel Xeon E5-2609 v3 1.9GHz Six Core
Memory Slots / Type1(4) DDR4(8) DDR4(24) DDR4
Memory Installed8 GB total (1 x 8 GB)8 GB total (2 x 4 GB)16 GB total (4 x 4 GB)
RAID ControllerOnboard Intel SATA RAID 0/1Onboard Intel SATA RAID 0/1PERC 9 H730P 12Gb/s RAID 0/1/5/10
RAID InstalledNoneNone(3) RAID 5 (1) hot standby
Hard Drives(1) 500 GB SATA(1) 500 GB SATA(4) 500 GB SATA
USB Ports2 front, 2 back4 front, 6 back2 front, 2 back
Serial Ports(1) DB9(1) DB9(1) DB9
Power Supply(1) 250W(1) 685W(2) 1100W
Video OutputOnboard (VGA)PCIe Card (DP or DVI-D)2Onboard (VGA)
Onboard RemoteNoNoiDRAC Express
Mouse & KeyboardIncludedIncludedIncluded
MonitorNot IncludedNot IncludedNot Included
Rack Rail KitIncludedn/aIncluded
HDD connectionInternal hard-wiredInternal hard-wiredEasy front access (cold-plug)
Manufacturer system ClassServerHigh-end graphics workstation3High-end graphics workstation3
Server Warranty3-yr Pro/NBD3-yr Pro/NBD3-yr Pro/NBD
Operating System CentOS

The Dell servers AVST ships are sourced through the Dell OEM channel and may have a different configuration than the Dell retail servers. As a result, only the Dell servers AVST ships are certified.

  • 1 DDR3 DIMMs must be added in pairs
  • 2 Video card supports two Display Port connections. The included DP - DVI adapters allow connecting two DVI-D monitors
  • 3 A high-end graphics workstation is built on a server platform that is further enhanced to meet the performance, power, and full length PCI slots requirements of a high-end graphics system. For all intents and purposes, and based on the AVST certification, such unit is a server, and all AVST documentation refers to it as such.

All server warranties are serviced by Dell. For warranty service, please call Dell Technical Support. Visit the Dell ProSupport Regional Contact Support Phone Numbers page to locate the appropriate support number for your location.

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