AVST Elevates Skype for Business

Mission-critical applications for Skype for Business.

Making Skype for Business Your PBX Replacement

Are you thinking of deploying Skype for Business as your next PBX? Due to Microsoft’s increasing presence in the enterprise unified communications market segment, many companies are either moving to Skype for Business as their sole call control solution or integrating it into an existing PBX environment for specific departments or branch offices.

On its own, Skype for Business supports voice communications with a rich mix of UC offerings, including presence, instant messaging and conferencing. But implementing Skype for Business as a PBX replacement requires additional mission-critical communications elements to fully replace what you have today.

AVST’s CX-E platform complements the enterprise capabilities of your Skype for Business environment. With its direct IP integration to Skype for Business, CX-E delivers essential enterprise-class UC applications for your business, including:

  • Automated Attendant/IVR
  • Voice Messaging
  • Unified Messaging
  • Personal Assistant
  • Call Center
  • Notification

Integrating Skype for Business into Your Existing PBX Environment

Whether Skype for Business is the right choice to replace your PBX or co-exist in a branch office with your existing PBX(s), there is a simple, cost-effective solution. CX-E bridges the gap between Skype for Business and existing telephony systems from Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Genband – you name it. CX-E offers 400+ telephony integrations – from traditional TDM to IP – that enable Skype for Business and any other call control (PBX) solution to work together.

Once implemented, CX-E supports a range of Skype for Business integrations, from simple click-to-call functionality with your existing phone system, to a full integration with Skype for Business. CX-E is a single, centralized communications platform that integrates with the multi-vendor PBX environment you have today or may have in the future – Premise to Cloud.

Automated Attendant/IVR

To manage the complexity of inbound call requirements in your Skype for Business environment, AVST delivers sophisticated speech and DTMF departmental Automated Attendants that allow outside callers to quickly and easily access information and reach the desired individual or department without human intervention.

CX-E enables an administrator to design and implement multiple independent automated attendant menus for every department and location. Menus can be scheduled based on time of day, day of week, or a specific date, allowing your customers to access different auto attendant menus during peak calling periods, after hours, lunch breaks and holidays, with unique transfer destinations supported in each menu.

Want to create faster response times and more accurate interactions with your customers? With CX-E IVR, your organization can automate high frequency tasks traditionally managed by individuals. By directly pulling information from popular data sources such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, CX-E can automate processes and deliver 24/7 access to information.

Voice Messaging

When you want to use Skype for Business but don’t want to store all your voice messages in Microsoft Exchange for confidentiality or compliance reasons, AVST has your solution. CX-E is the only enterprise-class independent Voice Messaging solution for Skype for Business.

AVST’s 35+ years of experience ensures you will get all the traditional features you expect, as well as a wide range of innovative next-generation features that will have you wondering how you ever did without. Imagine having constant access to all your Voice Messages. CX-E enables you to retrieve your messages through any mobile device, deskphone, mobile client, email and web portal.

Additionally, if you wish to avoid the time and expense of retraining your users, CX-E offers a rich set of Telephone User Interface (TUI) emulations including Octel Aria/Serenade, Centigram, Avaya Intuity AUDIX, Nortel Meridian Mail/CallPilot, Active Voice Kinesis/Repartee and Adomo.

Whether you are simply replacing an aging legacy Voice Messaging system, or building out centralized voice data centers for your entire organization in support of your private cloud initiatives, AVST has a solution to meet your scalability, business continuity and virtualization needs.

Unified Messaging

CX-E Unified Messaging works seamlessly in enabling access to voice and fax messages in multiple email environments, including Microsoft Exchange/Office 365, Google Gmail and any IMAP4 compliant email system.

One of the most common concerns with Unified Messaging is that email servers don’t restrict forwarding of messages, allowing end users to easily pass sensitive information on to internal or external parties. CX-E solves this issue by retaining messages marked private on the CX-E server and sending email notifications to the recipients informing them that they must retrieve private messages over the phone.

Personal Assistant

Sometimes speaking to a person is the only way to resolve an issue. CX-E’s Personal Assistant ensures important calls are never missed. The Personal Assistant understands the context of any given situation by integrating with your Skype for Business status, calendar, and user schedule. It knows your location via built-in geo-centric functionality. CX-E Personal Assistant uses this information to route incoming calls to your optimal device at any given time – Skype for Business client, mobile device or desk phone.

Wherever you are - in a meeting, en route, in the office, or after hours - the CX-E Personal Assistant keeps you in control of your incoming calls. Not only does CX-E Personal Assistant help to efficiently handle your voice messages, it can manage your calendar entries, contacts, and other office tasks through speech commands.

Informal Call Center

Looking for a simple, affordable Call Center for Skype for Business? Welcome TeamQ – the new hub of customer interaction for collaborating teams and small informal Call Centers. TeamQ offers a wide breadth of Call Center features, without the cost or complexity of a full contact center.

TeamQ is the ideal solution for next-generation knowledge workers such as sales, service or technical support personnel, who don’t operate like a formal contact center, but still handle multiple incoming service requests.

TeamQ’s capabilities include:

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)
  • Agent Desktop Control and Informational Screen Pops
  • Supervisor Interface
  • Reporting


Now it’s easy to be proactive in communicating with customers, whether you want to contact a few, hundreds or even thousands of people. NotifyXpress is the solution for effective broadcast text and call notification. It can deliver recorded messages efficiently, from appointment reminders to schedule changes. With the ability to personalize information by customer, you’ll maximize the full potential of this time-saving solution.

CX-E and Skype for Business Working Together in Harmony

CX-E provides a direct IP integration to Skype for Business. CX-E is registered as a Trusted Application that communicates with the Skype for Business front-end service. CX-E integrates via SIP and RTP for the calling applications and uses UCMA for presence information. Each Skype for Business user is configured with a call forwarding rule that sends unanswered calls to the CX-E Voice Messaging application.

AVST is a Microsoft Gold Partner which demonstrates “best-in-class” capability and distinguishes itself within the top 1% of Microsoft’s partner ecosystem.

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