Call Center

Cost-effective, informal call center for knowledge workers

The Informal Call Center Solution
For Next-Generation Workers

Essential Features – Affordable Price

TeamQ delivers high ROI by giving teams access to vital call center features − at a fraction of the price of other call center solutions. Features include: Uniform Call Distribution (UCD), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Agent Desktop Control with Informative Screen Pops, Supervisor Interface, Reporting and more. Also, there’s no ACD or CTI connection required on your telephone system. Simply stated, it’s a cost-effective call center solution that will make your teams even better.

Teams Just Got Mobile

Are your agents in different locations? It’s okay. When you’ve got multiple offices or remote workers, they can simply login from any Windows desktop client to view the TeamQ dashboard; calls can be delivered to any device including desk phones, mobile, and softphones. TeamQ supports up to 250 agents, even if they are not sitting next to each other. Your call center has just gone mobile.

Take Charge – Work Smarter

Quality customer service is imperative in today’s competitive environment. The time is now to take charge and work smarter. TeamQ empowers your team to prioritize workflows, make time management decisions and answer customer calls with confidence and control. With the TeamQ dashboard, agents can view all the calls in the queue, decide which call to pull first, indicate when they are done, reserve a call, redirect a call and decide when they are ready to take their next call. Your team works smarter!

TeamQ Knows Your Customers

The light on the phone is blinking, customers are holding…and your team has no idea what they want. With TeamQ your team will know – before they answer the call. TeamQ collects data from customers upfront and has the ability to pull information from CRM systems to enhance identification. Using TeamQ, agents are more prepared to deliver optimal customer service. TeamQ also keeps customers informed. Customers get access to their position in the queue – wait times, call backs and more.

Works with Your PBX

You may ask, “What about my PBX?” We thought of that too. TeamQ supports all major PBXs, whether TDM or IP. Avaya®, Broadsoft®, Cisco®, Microsoft®, Genband, Mitel®, NEC®, ShoreTel® , Unify − you name it, we’ve got you covered.


Are you afraid of a difficult installation and a long, drawn-out implementation? Not to worry. TeamQ is a simple, easy add-on to your AVST CX-E.

TeamQ Video

TeamQ Features and Specifications

Agent Features

  • Prioritize and control workflow
    • Decide which calls to pull first
    • Indicate when available to take next call
    • Reserve a call in the queue
    • Redirect a call
  • See the status of other agents on the team
  • Flexibility to answer calls in a way that works:
    • Receive the next call in the queue automatically (push)
    • Select specific calls to answer from the list of queued calls (pull)
  • Informational screen pops
  • Call information presented to agents such as wait time, site, etc.
  • Perform other actions on calls in queue, such as:
    • Re-route a call to another team or extension
    • Instruct a caller to leave a message
  • The option to view call-specific information in a web browser, CRM, etc.
  • Customized notifications related to incoming calls and calls that have been on hold for an extended period
  • Login remotely from any Windows desktop client
  • Work locally using a telephone system extension or remotely using an external telephone number
  • Delivers calls to desk phones, mobile and softphones
  • Agents can be members of multiple teams
  • Agents can enter notes for each call for later reference
  • Specify a reason code when entering busy status


  • Up to 50 teams
  • Up to 25 agents per team (maximum 250 agents total)

Administrator Features

  • Manage users; assign permissions
  • Manage call-flow options for all queues
  • Create new teams and agents
  • Force terminate call
  • View all team, call and agent activity
  • Specify a reason code when entering busy status

Supervisor Features

  • Manage teams and agent accounts
  • Manage log files
  • Manage busy codes
  • Force sign-out of an agent
  • Run reports with up-to-the-minute live data

Caller Experience Features

  • Inform callers of their position in queue
  • Ask callers to enter a callback telephone number, maintains position in queue
  • Ask callers to enter an identification number, such as an account number
  • Ask callers to indicate the reason for their call
  • Play customized announcements to callers while waiting in the queue
  • Send calls to an overflow team based on wait time or number of calls in queue
  • Periodically give callers the option to leave a message or remain in queue
  • Redirect calls exceeding a maximum hold time to a different team or ask callers to leave a message

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